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The Team - Abu Dhabi Sport Channel, 2010

BR-Filmmusic contest 2014, excerpt from "Tea Time"

Slavko Avsenik - My music



Music from Films, Tv, Theater, Multimedia, composed by Slavko Avsenik jr.


Slavko Avsenik - My music

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Music from Films, Tv, Theater, Multimedia, composed by Slavko Avsenik jr.


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Work overwiev of Slavko Avsenik jr.


Slavko Avsenik jr.

Ana's Provision

ANA’S PROVISION (2017) is about personal drama of Ana Mlejnik, who is being hit by scandal caused by dirty business of her husband and tycoon, Ales Mlejnik. The shock that she was not aware of her husband activities and the consequences of the public revelation of him as a tycoon brings her as an independent Photograph and mother of a small daughter in the unpredictable social and existential turbulences. The movie presents an interesting combination of Slovenian actors and celebrities and is directed by Igor Smid and produced by Arkadena . Music composed and produced by Slavko Avsenik jr.


Slavko Avsenik jr.

MERCATOR - We like it local

MERCATOR, one of the biggest Slovenian supermarket chains promoted with this action the importance and the availability of the domestic food products in their stores. Directed by Ali Jones, Music composed, performed and produced by Slavko Avsenik jr.


Slavko Avsenik jr.

SPAR Slovenia

SPAR Slovenia, member of internationally established SPAR Supermarket chains, changed the overall corporate advertising design. The new music is composed and produced by Slavko Avsenik jr. for Mangart Production


Slavko Avsenik jr.

Tea Time

This is a very interesting animated short film which already won many international prizes and recognitions, produced by Technische Hochschule Georg Simon Ohm, (GER 2013). The authors kindly allowed the usage of an excerpt on this year’s Film music Composition Contest, which was part of Film music Festival 2014, presented by Bayerische Rundfunk (Munich). The insert above includes the highly respected and admired score of Slavko Avsenik jr. Copyright by Marie Kister, Thomas Schienagel, Marcel Knüdeler, Wilfried Pollan


Slavko Avsenik jr.


The new Symphonic Suite „TRANSFORMATION“, transforms from negative to positive polarity over 10 different cineastic situations in less than 6 minutes . Although the composition is produced with a virtual orchestra, it functions also by a real Symphonic orchestra. The absence of the non orchestral instruments, such as synthesizers and SFX is therefore intentional.


Slavko Avsenik jr.

Prince Charming

After a huge success of the first two movies, "Burglars work in Summer" and "Haunted Lodge", which achieved in the category of family films the highest rating of all times on slovenian national RTV, shot the director and screen writer Roman Koncar the next movie of the series - "Prince charming. The story is based on the novel of slovenian writer Ivan Sivec and the music is again composed by Slavko Avsenik jr.


Slavko Avsenik jr. & Laibach

Iron Sky, movie

It took Timo Vuorensola,  Finnish director and his crew, six years to prepare and produce the SF Comedy IRONSKY which was so heavily awaited by the thousands of web fans. The movie was shown for the first time at Berlinale 2012 in the prestigious Friedrichstadtpalast, the biggest cinema in Berlin. After that, IRONSKY was distributed to more than 90 countries worldwide. The director engaged for the scoring of music the famous music group LAIBACH, originated from Slovenia   which  inspired him in many aspects already at the early stages of the production process. Since the Laibach's score concept, based on Richard Wagner's operas, needed some more orchestral work, they invited to co-compose and co-arrange the score also the Slovenian film music composer, Slavko Avsenik jr., with whom they cooperated on many former albums (Opus Dei, Sympathy to the Devil, NATO, Jesus Christ Superstars, WAT, Spectre) The Soundtrack was released internationally as Laibach Iron Sky Album at the beginning of April 2012 by Mute Records Ltd.